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Rudolf Giffinger

Professor Dr. Rudolf Giffinger is an expert in analytical research of urban and regional development. His research mainly concentrates on intra-urban development, urban decay, segregation/integration as well as on urban/metropolitan competitiveness of selected cities and respective strategic issues. He published and edited books, journals and articles on that subjects. He chairs working groups and is member of networks primarily related to urban and regional development in Central and Southeast Europe. Rudolf Giffinger is professor in Regional Science and head of the Centre of Regional Science which is part of the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning at the Vienna University of Technology.

Tel: +43 1 58801 26633 or 26621 (secret.)

Centre of Regional Science, Vienna UT
The Centre of Regional Science is part of the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure & Environmental Planning at the Vienna University of Technology. The Centre of Regional Science takes Regional Science as an applied planning science. Its scientific understanding is based on relevant approaches from (regional) economy, sociology, economic and social geography, as well as planning and engineering sciences. The scientific staff comes from different scientific disciplines as regional science, planning studies, geography and computer sciences. Thus, the research efforts in form of projects have a broad range, reaching from research topics of urban and regional development issues in Europe to the small scaled evaluation of infrastructure investments or the local evaluation of single properties in real estate markets. In general, research initiatives are based on the funding through corresponding institutions, i.e. different framework research programmes of the EU, national and Viennese institutions or private firms.

Vienna University of Technology
SRF Centre of Regional Science
Operngasse 11
1040 Vienna

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